Hello, we are RURALtXA!

We are committed to rural environments and conservation of biodiversity

The RURALtXA! project promotes the rural bioeconomy by giving new value to extensive livestock grazing in mountain landscapes, which are practices that can help conserve biodiversity.

Our mission

To help promote the bioeconomy of rural environments.


Our strategy

To give new value to traditional uses of mountain landscapes and extensive grazing practices.


Our commitment

To conserve biodiversity.


Habitat types such as mountain grasslands and heathlands depend upon extensive livestock grazing for their maintenance and conservation.


When rural environments and traditional activities are abandoned, it can threaten the survival of these valuable mountain ecosystems.


Traditional activities such as extensive livestock grazing contribute to habitat maintenance, and this is why it is important for society to recognise their value.


The cultural landscapes that have been created through the co-existence of these habitats and livestock grazing show great potential to help develop complementary activities, such as ecotourism. This can represent a way of diversifying economic activities and income sources in rural areas, which are facing additional challenges from aging populations and decreasing numbers of local residents.


The RURALtXA! project will take place between September 2022 and December 2025.

RURALtXA! will create an Integrated Bioeconomy Promotion System for the people involved in livestock raising, with a commitment to sustainable management and a focus on habitat conservation. By generating new value for these activities and the associated products, the viability of these commercial operations can be improved, along with the quality of life of rural residents. All of this can help drive sustainable development in areas facing demographic challenges from depopulation.

This is a bioeconomy project that is based on scientific knowledge regarding the connections that exist among traditional activities, habitat conservation, and ecosystem services in High Natural Value (HNV) farming systems.


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