With RURALtXA! we are working together as a network, to jointly develop a rural bioeconomy that can also make a contribution to conserving these important local habitats.All of the participants who have joined the Working Network are cooperating and sharing their experiences, in order to preserve and promote their livestock raising activities based on habitat conservation, while also improving their products, increasing their value, and expanding the existing channels for distributing and selling them.

Who are the members of the Network?

The Working Network is made up of the producers who have committed to sustainable management, based on the good conservation status of the local habitats. They are landowners, managers, agriculture and livestock advising centres, and other entities that play a role in the rural environment, and they are all making a contribution to the success of the project.

What benefits does the Network offer?

There are tools being developed for the members of the Network:

  1. For contributing added value and/or improving the value of products (marketing campaigns, distinctive labelling, promotion at trade fairs, etc.)
  2. For marketing and distribution (creation of a network of establishments selling local products)
  3. For training and advising (courses on improving competitiveness, developing business models, marketing, etc., and a technical advising service)
  4. For diversification and ecotourism (ecotourism activities associated with extensive grazing and wild horses, contacts with tourism companies, etc.)

I want to join the Network

If you are involved in livestock raising, honey production, or any other type of activity associated with the rural environment, in any of the RURALtXA! project’s pilot areas, please contact us for more information about how you can join the Working Network.

    Producers united

    Soon we will be able to describe for you the experiences of the producers participating in our Network.