Primary goal

Our primary goal is to promote traditional activities in mountain landscapes, recognising their link to habitat conservation, as a driver of development for the rural bioeconomy.

Specific objectives

  1. To help producers become more competitive and improve the viability of their operations, when their activities are taking place sustainably in Habitats of Community Interest.

  2. To bring value to livestock raising activities that are necessary for conserving habitats and landscapes, and to the products derived from those activities.

  3. To improve the capacity for developing local and regional ecotourism, based on biodiversity and traditional activities.

  4. To obtain a commitment from landowners and producers to perform sustainable management, based on maintaining a good conservation status for Habitats of Community Interest.

  5. To promote sustainable extensive grazing with traditional livestock breeds, as a production activity that is compatible with habitat conservation.

  6. To encourage extensive grazing in mountain landscapes as a traditional activity, and as a nature-based solution for habitat conservation, while also improving pastures and reducing wildfire risks (mitigating the effects of climate change).

  7. To improve the conservation status of Habitats of Community Interest linked to extensive livestock grazing.

  8. To increase the resilience of habitats and their ability to provide ecosystem services, through nature-based solutions and adaptive livestock management practices that can mitigate the effects of climate change.

  9. To raise awareness about the importance of traditional activities linked to conservation of Habitats of Community Interest, as well as regarding the ecosystem services these systems produce.